The second output of the project, the Curriculum on ELVET, is ready online here. There’s also a downloadable version in the same page.

This curriculum is part of the RELIVET project which aims to offer an international and competitive training programme, specially designed for VET teachers, professionals and families.

The objective of this set of 7 modules is to provide teachers and trainers with a training curriculum containing innovative, effective, supportive strategies and tools, to prevent student’s early leaving in the Vocational Educational Training system.

Contents of the modules have been developed on the basis of a need analysis carried out in 6 European Countries.

Results have shown various different reasons that lead to student’s school’s early leaving and have highlighted the need to focus on specific aspects. That is the reason why contents of the modules will cover the following topics:

  • How to encourage and boost student’s proactive behaviour
  • Efficient methods of communication, cooperation and relationship with students, their families and other involved persons and institutions
  • Efficient methods of mediation and conflicts negotiation, problem solving and positive talk.
  • The usefulness of counselling and professional orientation and career planning.
  • Modern ways to enhance motivation, involvement and responsibility of the students
  • Examples of teaching by promoting creative and practical activities and good practices.
  • Learning innovative teaching methodologies for online learning.

The course will be carried out through blended learning (distance learning and face to face lessons).

It has also been though as a dynamic, interactive and rich in useful tips.